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Professional Earned Value Project Management Training Online

Custer Consultants offers convenient, practical, cost-effective training for project managers, financial officers, and C-level managers who may be contemplating government contracts where EVM methods are required or encouraged. Our 3-hour Webinar is a complete introduction to Earned Value Management techniques: what they are, how to use them, how to plan your project to take advantage of EVM, how to calculate the key components of EVM and use them them to derive cost and schedule variances, and how to use this data to complete standard US government reporting forms.

In the first session, we introduce the basic concepts and terms, learn how to make Earned Value calculations, see how to effectively integrate cost and schedule data, how to generate Earned Value performance reports, how to calculate EVM variances, and how to predict future project performance. We also discuss Earned Value Management Systems and introduce the ANSI/EIA compliance criteria. You will also hear many practical suggestions and ideas for implementing and using the methods presented, based on more than 30 years of experience using these techniques.

The second session will take you step-by-step through a real project example using Earned Value Project Management techniques. You will walk through the weekly EVM reporting cycles and see how the Earned Value techniques reveal where the project is headed and what happens as the project is executed. You will see both numerical and graphical EVM data and how they work together in a simple workbook based on a real project with typical real project issues. You will also be introduced to the five basic standard reports mandated by the federal government and learn how to generate the Earned Value data needed to complete them.

Many other companies offer excellent one, two, or three day seminars, or months-long courses, that teach these techniques in detail. But as far as we know, we are the only company offering an online training course that will allow you to understand and use EVM techniques in just one afternoon, from anywhere in the world. See what our students have to say.

Learn from anywhere in the world with our live, interactive, 3-hour online training class. Sign up for the next class or watch the recorded version right now!

What is Earned Value Management (EVM)?

Earned Value Management (EVM) is, quite simply, a set of project management practices and criteria that integrate cost, schedule, and scope. It is not a special piece of software, or a set of rules -- it is a technique that will help you deliver your projects on time and under budget, and easily spot and correct problems and overruns early-on.

Originally developed to stop cost overruns on large defense projects, EVM has shown its worth as a project management technique for all types and sizes of projects in a wide range of industries. It has proven so effective that is now being implemented throughout the US federal government and in all government contracts, and has been officially or unofficially adopted by some 17 other countries (including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Japan). Whatever the size of your business or the projects you manage, and whether or not you contract with the government, you can use Earned Value Management to help deliver your projects on time and on budget.

Learn more about Earned Value Management - download our free whitepaper, 10 Things You Need to Know About EVM

Who Should Use Earned Value Management?

If you currently do business with the government of the United States, Canada, Japan, the UK, Australia, or Sweden, or hope to in the future, you absolutely need to be serious about understanding and implementing EVM.

In June 2002, the US Office of Management and Budget mandated EVM systems for all government information technology contracts. The US Department of Defense has issued a similar ruling, and contractors can expect to see EVM become required for more and more projects in the future. Even when bidding for a contract where EVM systems are not strictly required, having them in place will be looked on quite favorably.

President Obama has promised to cut waste and tighten financial regulation in government contracts, to the tune of $40 billion. In this environment, even smaller businesses that work with the government can benefit greatly from EVM (most large government contractors have already implemented it!).

EVM has traditionally been used to manage large, complex projects in the defense and energy sectors, and is used by a number of governments to manage all kinds of multi-billion dollar projects. But the truth is, EVM will benefit any size project in any industry by allowing you to easily and continuously measure cost and schedule variances and produce accurate, meaningful "percent complete" measures. (In the second half of our training class, we look at a real $200,000 software project successfully managed with the same EVM techniques used on $40 billion defense projects.)

If you want to know what is really going on with your project, you NEED to understand and implement EVM!

Does My Company Need New Software Applications to Implement EVM?

No! Earned Value is a set of techniques and standards, not a piece of software. You can implement Earned Value using your existing scheduling and financial applications.

Why Learn About EVM Now?

Companies which are proficient in EVM standards now will have a distinct advantage in keeping existing contracts and being in an advantageous position [in the future].

- Washington Post Nov. 5, 2008

As governments focus more and more on requiring EVM, the thousands of businesses that work for them directly or indirectly will benefit greatly from being able to show that they have implemented Earned Value techniques.

However, the best reason to learn EVM now is simply that it is the best way to manage almost any project. With Earned Value techniques, you can quickly and easily see when, where, and how your project is falling behind, generate meaningful reports about the status of your project, and effectively estimate the ultimate cost of the project at any point in the project timeline. Earned Value Management techniques also easily adapt to scope changes and can be applied to "speculative" projects or projects that incorporate research and development (in fact, they are typically used to develop new defense systems, where costs are notoriously difficult to estimate at the start of the project because they are building something that has never been built before). For this reason, EVM is well-suited to managing IT and technology projects, as well as construction, engineering, energy, and defense projects.

If you would like to confidently establish work breakdown structures, effectively evaluate "Earned Values," or expertly forecast project results using Earned Value techniques then you need to take our class...

What You will Learn (Session #1)

  • What is Earned Value Management?
  • Where Earned Value Management came from and why it is mandated.
  • What is so special about Earned Value Management and how does it apply Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Organizational Breakdown?
  • What is the concept of “earned value” and different methods of calculating “earned."
  • What are the EVM data points and how you calculate: BCWS (PV), BCWP (EV) and ACWP (AC).
  • How to calculate EVM variances and Performance Indices and how to produce integrated performance reports.
  • How to use EVM to predict future project performance.
  • What the features of the ANSI/EIA compliance criteria are and a review of compliance systems.

What You Will Learn (Session #2)

  • How to setup a simple workbook based earned value report.
  • How a project looks in the workbook as time passes and EVM data is reported.
  • What you can observe in the EVM data points.
  • How to read the graphical data.
  • How to read the tabular data.
  • How to complete and read the 5 standard Contract Performance Reports.
  • Suggestions for requiring EVM in your procurements.

Who Should Attend an Introduction to Earned Value Management?

  • These classes will benefit procurement managers, technology managers, engineering managers, and construction managers who want to learn the value of using EVM techniques to manage their projects and to employ them in their procurements.
  • The classes will be of great benefit to all C-level managers who may be contemplating government supply contracts that require EVM methods and need to understand these techniques and how they can be implemented.
  • Subjects addressed will benefit any Project Manager trying to use the best possible methods to analyze project performance and accurately predict project outcomes.

Your Instructor (for both classes)

Keith Custer, PE, has over 30 years of consulting and management experience and is an expert in project management and the use of integrated cost and schedule techniques. Mr. Custer is an electrical engineer and has been involved in project management ranging from nuclear power electrical systems and controls to office telephony systems, international voice and data communications systems, computer systems, custom software development, and major package software applications like Financials, CIS, HR, CRM, MMIS, PMO, and ERP. His experience spans a wide range of industries including electric power, insurance, financial, retail, manufacturing, health care, and customer service. Mr. Custer has served as CIO, Program Manager, Project Officer, and Project Cost and Schedule Manager for companies such as Bechtel, SWEC, Oracle, Keane, IMRglobal, and Marriott as well as Utilities such as FPL, NUSCO, MPL, Centerior, TECO, PECO, PPL, PSEG, SMUD, and GSU.

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Our Customers Say...

I'm writing to thank you for your presentation yesterday - I learned quite a lot and took plenty of notes. Especially of use to me were how you calculated the estimate at completion (I think I've got that right) different ways, using the CPI and SPI. The managerial stuff (what method to use where) was of good help to me.

Robert D. - Stanley Consultants Incorporated
(Earned Value Management on-site training)

Why Train Online?

The fast and easy way to get the skills you need!

Our "online classroom" software allows you to get the skills you need from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can see and interact with the instructor, so you can ask questions about your specific situation or industry, or clarify any points you want to understand in more detail.

We offer substantial group discounts, and if you have a larger group we are happy to set up classes at a time of your choosing, which can be tailored to your organization's unique training needs. If you have any other questions, please contact us. We should be able to accommodate most any request!

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